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John CollinsJohn Collins
                                                                                 "Music  from  the  heart ....   for  the  heart" 


 About The Artist JC & His Compositions:


John Collins
John Collins

JC's music style is bourne of a flair all his own.  Although never traditionally trained in reading or writing music, he has developed his own style of composition which comes from the deepest recesses of his soul.  Each note begins in his heart and is representative of the depths of his emotions.

They say,  "Still waters run deep."  This is a man of great emotional depth and love.  With hands to keyboard, the magic of his emotion seems to flow from his fingertips naturally, allowing his feelings to take the music wherever it may lead.

Being born and raised in a small tranquil and peaceful town in the south west coast of Ireland, music was always an integral part of his life and always ran through his veins. It has now surfaced all these years later and come to fruition in this, the first of many albums and compositions to come and yes a very "different" kind of sound from what he grew up with but truly from the heart.

To put a name to this style of music is almost unfair to it's beauty of uniquity.  It's eclectic style has a beauty all it's own.  JC's stylings run the gamut from a New Age flair to old-time Jazz with beautiful love songs in the mix.  One need only listen to a song once to feel this artist's feelings; a gift not often found in these days of musical commercialism.

To hear his music is to know the man and to know the man is to love his music, for both are one and the same.


~ Never To Be Forgotten
A note on the passing of John's mother on January 11th, 2007


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