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 Remembering my Mother "Mary Collins" :

I am deeply saddened by the passing of my mom Mary on January 11th 2007
in her homeland of Ireland, the place where she was born, raised and lived out
her life to the fullest.  She passed on quietly to the next gateway, a wish we
could all ask for to pass on in peace, knowing that her two sons, relatives
and many many friends were there to see her off.

Mom's peaceful home town
of Rosscarbery


Music was her passion, and for me growing up in the "house of music", I could not escape the many rhythms and styles of music from Mom, and so it shaped my life in music and did so at the early age of 4 when she gave me my first piano accordion. Mom and I went through so many different eras of music styles together through the 60's, 70's & 80's, yes even the 70's she hung in there with my rock 'n roll & metal days on the electric guitar. I knew she was enjoying watching me grow with the music over the years, as no matter what I was playing, accordion, piano, or guitar, her feet were always tapping. I knew she was hooked when she picked up on the beat and to this day it has always been the beginning of a new track or composition for me, as I always begin with the beat, the rest falls into place.

The many styles of music that I have played over the years and all under the watchful eye of Mom, have brought me to this point in my life with the music. They have shaped my own stylings, and my own rhythms, I know very different to what I used to play but always from my heart.

In the small village of Rosscarbery where she grew up and lived her life, she was well known for her wonderful talent and knowledge with music. For many years she played with a group called "The Carbery Trio" and spent many nights on the road traveling from place to place playing out those wonderful Irish dance tunes. She had a way with the keyboard like no other person I know and switched over many nights to the piano accordion, which she loved so dearly. She retired from the Carbery Trio in the mid 60's and for the next 15 years or so she taught music to local kids and students in the nearby high school.


Mom & I - 2003

Mom & I - 2005

Thank you Mom for all your guidance, your friendship and your love throughout
the years. I will forever cherish this wonderful gift that you have passed on
to me. It will always flow in my veins, and you will always be with me.

You will be sadly missed, you will always be loved,
and you will never be forgotten.

Your loving son, John

Eulogy given at Mass for Mom on January 14th, 2007

I have finished what i began writing for you. I am sorry you never got
to hear it, but I know you will forever hear it now. I wrote it for you and
it will always be yours and have called it "Always With Me"



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